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About us

   We are BST Display Furniture Co.,Ltd, established in 2000 as a professional store fixture manufacture in GuangDong, China(mainland) and equipped with 30,000 square Meters and 10 QC and 20 RD Technicians. The annual value of production is over US $5 million. We have 6 Production Lines and make sure we can arrange the every order reasonable and delivery on time.

   BST Display Furniture is mainly applied Store Fixture, Metal Display, MDF Display, Acrylic Display, which include Mall Kiosk, Eyewear display, clothing display, shoes display, cosmetic display, wine display, book store, cellphone store, etc. And we carried out project management to ensure effective supervision of each item,  implement Production management system and emphasize clean production environment.

   With the most complete production equipment imported from German, and we have dominant position in fashion, elegant design and export display, or store fixture manufacture, The mainly Export Market include: 

  • North America 80%
  • North Eruope 10% 
  • Southeast Asia 5%
  • Eastern Europe  5%

   A team that has a passion for providing extraordinary personalized service with attention to detail. BST's clients enjoy dedicated resources and unprecedented service paired with the reach and capabilities required to service Fortune 500 companies. Beyond domestic manufacturing expertise, BST has developed a niche in the industry through" Best of Class" manufacturing in China, resulting in significant cost savings without sacrificing delivery times. Parnter with 14 years of experience in the display industry.

BST's Factory Address is: HongTian Industrial park, YueChang Village, HuiYang Zone, HuiZhou, China.

BST's Office Address is: Suite G&H, Flat B 27/F TaiHua Prosperity LiuTang Road, BaoAn District, ShenZhen,China. 518101

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